Award Categories

Recognizing the best companies, technologies, products and services in the field of Artificial Intelligence

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Best Artificial Intelligence Company CEO
Best Content Governance Platform
Best AI Edge Solution
Best AI Services Solution Provider
Best AI Consulting Service Provider
Best AI Solution for Big Data
AI Hardware Innovation Award
Best Cognitive Communications Solution
Best AI Startup
Best Overall AI Solution
Best Overall AI Company
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AI Platforms

Best Machine Learning Platform
Best Machine Learning Company
Machine Learning Innovation Award
Best Conversational AI Platform
Best Deep Learning Platform
Best Deep Learning Company
Best Overall AI Platform
AI Platform Innovation Award
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Data & Analytics

Best Predictive Analytics Platform
Best Predictive Analytics Solution
Best BI Visualization Solution
Best Behaviorial AI Solution
Best AI Data Management Solution
AI-based Analytics Innovation Award
Best Overall AI-based Analytics Solution
Best Overall AI-based Analytics Company
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Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Best Natural Language Recognition Solution
Best Natural Language Understanding (NLU) Solution
Best Conversational Interface
Best Text to Speech Solution
Best Speech to Text Solution
Best Machine Translation Solution
Best NLP Platform
Best Natural Language Generation Platform
Best Overall NLP Company
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Virtual Agents & Bots

Best Intelligent Personal Assistant
Best Transactional Bot Solution
Best Informational Bot Solution
Chatbot Innovation Award
Best Chatbot Solution
Best Chatbot Platform
Best Virtual Agent Solution
Best Overall Bot Solution
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Innovation Award for Behavior-based Robotics
Innovation Award for Cognitive Robotics
Developmental Robotics Innovation Award
Innovation Award for Transactional Robotics
Smart Robotics Innovation Award
Best Robotics Sensing Solution
Best Overall Robotics Company
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Computer Vision

Best Image Processing Solution
Best Intelligent Word Recognition Solution
Best Optical AI Solution
Best Object Recognition Solution
Best Handwriting Recognition Solution
Best Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Solution
Best Facial Recognition System
Best Overall Computer Vision Solution
Computer Vision Innovation Award
Best Overall Computer Vision Company
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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Best Robotic Process Automation Solution
Robotic Process Innovation Award
Best Robotic Process Automation Company
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Decision Intelligence & Management

Best Decision Management Solution
Decision Intelligence Innovation Award
Best Decision Intelligence Solution
Best Decision Intelligence Company
Best Decision Management Company
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Virtual Reality

Best Use of AI for Virtual Reality Gaming
Best Use of Virtual Reality for Retail Applications
Best Use of Virtual Reality for Enterprise Applications
Best Overall Use of AI for Virtual Reality
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Best Use of AI for Non Player Characters
Best Use of AI for Game Development
Best Overall Use of AI in Gaming
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Best Use of AI for Authentication
Authentication Innovation Award
Best Use of AI for Voice Biometrics
Best Overall Biometrics Solution
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Vertical Industry Applications

Best AI-based Solution for CyberSecurity
Best AI-based Solution for Fraud Prevention
Best AI-based Solution for Real Estate
Best AI-based Solution for Financial Services
Best AI-based Solution for Customer Service
Best AI-based Solution for Healthcare
Best AI-based Solution for Transportation
Best AI-based Solution for Manufacturing
Best AI-based Solution for Advertising
Best AI-based Solution for Marketing
Best AI-based Solution for Workforce Management
Best AI-based Solution for Sales
Best AI-based Solution for Legal
Best AI-based Solution for Retail
Best AI-based Solution for Customer Experience
Best AI-based Solution for Human Resources
Best AI-based Solution for Compliance
Best AI-based Solution for Agriculture
Best AI-based Solution for Procurement
Best AI-based Solution for Event Management
Best AI-based Solution for Insurance
Best AI-based Solution for Supply Chain
Best AI-based Solution for Life Sciences
Best AI-based Solution for Drug Discovery
Best AI-based Solution for Education
Best AI-based Solution for Engineering
Best AI-based Solution for Data Science
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Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations (AIOps)

Best AIOps Solution
Best AI Observability Platform
Best AIOps Platform
AIOps Innovation Award
Best AIOps Company
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Generative AI

Best Generative AI Platform
Best Generative Video Platform
Best Text Generative AI Solution
Best Code Generative AI Solution
Best Audio Generative AI Solution
Best Image Generative AI Solution
Generative AI Innovation Award
Best Overall Gen-AI Solution
Best Overall Gen-AI Company
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Machine Learning Operations (MLOps)

Best MLOps Solution
Best MLOps Platform
MLOps Innovation Award
Best MLOps Company
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AI Development & Testing

Best AI Tool for Developers
Best AI Model Validation Solution
Best AI Chip Solution
Best AI Software Development Solution
Best AI Quality Management Solution
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Large Language Models (LLM)

Best LLM Application
LLM Innovation Award
Best Overall Large Language Model
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